Thank you 2014
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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Thank you 2014

Days passed and every new year traditionally I thought around what I have been done, how and what I WILL do in this new baby year that are coming..

[tw-column width=”one-half”]4690305_original-1-700x467© Somnath Mukherjee[/tw-column]

[tw-column width=”one-half” position=”last”]I would say, that the most heavy, important changes deliberate and exhausted I have made in my very inner myself .. something beautiful but painful and vitally important for me… so that I can proud about.. consciousness.. even I still have an emotional wave to talk about it.. but it is too early and lets wait a little bit – there is still a huge work.

The most emotional and important year in my life.. That is warm magic.. that I’m bringing in my heart now..[/tw-column]

The period of tension between this and that and another that.. force to improve many new exiting things.. to run away from death on the hidden Yunnan roads, to colour biscuits pan di stella with acrylic colours, headfirst dive in after effect, to relief of accepting thing, to look at eyes and know that this person really hate be mad as never before and to love with sometimes tightness in the heart.. as you can understand me..  and to love – this is the light..

The passion and curiosity in design growing.. together with right people that push me and safe me an make me cry some times.. Could I immagine one year before that would be done so many things in one year- no. So, how many new surprises will swop down this year?

Surprises.. some time so badly.. I am afraid to loose people.. this year I lost my friend .. other years I lost my grannies, my friends.. – I am not agree with that, I don’t want people leave me like that.. and I would never touch them any more, no hug, no eyes and smiles.. that is scare.. mostly because I can not do anything agains it.. it scare me  and make me down.. deeply in the ocean – no light no sound.. just disagreement and down downnnn. and slightly shadow thought knowing beyond and doubts.. memory is a weak-weak and poor substitute of reality.. limits..

with all this background this year rose me again the feeling and believe that there is something behind all around and inside us.. the felling how everything is connected and how deep we can feel and breath the unit life stream.. of all and everything…

this year more than ever I needed not 24 hours but more, more 4 hours, please! – to sleep and to do all well without hurry, to do with love, attention and respect.. to myself.

How fast we recreate and improving digital world and how havier became need to touch, feel, and perceive real-here-now for me.. how important to stop and remind myself that I am alive – if i do step right – there is no “undo” of “flip horizontal” – this is me. To run away and to touch trees and water… hand of my love and stop thinking..

May be the biggest wish for this year is to make more stops and to think with no thinking, felling with no bounders, imagine with open mind and closed eyes…