Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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My first Workshop!

Anyone who has ever planned a workshop will tell you that it's a big job. And planning a good one in 2 days? Well, that takes organisation, focus, and a lot

August’s speeding – up/down

In the Italy working year closed at August and start it’s new cycle in September. Have you ever seen country, that almost officially closed for vocation for three weeks =)


https://vimeo.com/122143322 When we are talking about intelligent ecosystem for smart house and interaction experience, I would say, tiny phone screen became too small to enjoy the beauty ( probable (: ) of the interfaces without stressing yeas.

Parkey app animation

https://vimeo.com/110641309 Promotional motion graphic for Parkey app - smart parking service in Milan, that really save time searching the closest parking, booking entrance and as a result cut some stress from the

Happiness to win a competition?

I've won a competition!  Yaa - eeeyayyyYyayyaa!  - No. I've won a competition - cool =) Thanks. Where are the feelings that I've had during the preparation, developing of the two lines for

Never say no to panda

The adorable miniature pandas were created especially for the traveling exhibition by Paulo Grangeon. To make a World Tour of cute pandas. It's a good way to unite people around.There

The power garden

Simple and fantastic long-term interactive installation, that perform how it is important in our innovative crazy-cycle-time to bring people smoothly to feel and pet the plants! Get on touch with nature, literally! Naked Juice took

Small !! hidden moments in our everyday

[tw-column width="one-half"]What is Design, what are the differents between work of artist and designer? WHAT bring ART to our life and WHAT gives DESIGN?  How much emotions brings Art, for each person there is