Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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August’s speeding – up/down

In the Italy working year closed at August and start it’s new cycle in September. Have you ever seen country, that almost officially closed for vocation for three weeks =)

Design to motivate & fall in love

Recently I started discovering the word of the short animation, gif simple motion - and I hurry to invite to glance at one of my works and hope to bring a sweet

Small !! hidden moments in our everyday

[tw-column width="one-half"]What is Design, what are the differents between work of artist and designer? WHAT bring ART to our life and WHAT gives DESIGN?  How much emotions brings Art, for each person there is

Between that and another that.

Sometimes after you just finish one important part you lost the cain what is next.. In this moment come ideas.. more natural, beautiful and really significant