Chobu Station | Growing brand image of THINGS
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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Growing brand image of THINGS

More then three years I’ve been working with THINGS, at the company, that has amazing passion for technology and elegant view to every design solution =) I have a chance to develop projects in multiple field of design – I’ve grown up so much here. This time I want to share my work I’ve made for brand image of THINGS.

When I’ve join to the company there was already color/logo/simple icons set. I have just took them and expand for illustration, new icons, infographics.

Let’s say, that now are on the website 10% of the icons are from the set and 90% of them are made by me.

Without spending time to explain every little details (that by it’s own doesn’t play a huge role, but all of them are extremely important to support solid, clear and communicative language) I want to perform one of my work, that report about grow and activities of the team =) that was an intensive year and it’s getting only more interesting!

Working not only for technology innovative products, makes people closer.. I believe.

My Role

Leading project, Concept generation, Ui, Illustration, Print design, Infographic design



Creative Team



March 8, 2015