Rethink the product
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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Rethink the product

Rethinking the Product’ is a project whose objective is to stimulate companies from different sectors, encouraging them to try their hand at creating innovative products, while working in synergy and experimenting with new working techniques.

That is a beautiful challenge to participate in multinational team to collaborate with local Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio artisans.

Amazing experience to see how product is realised from your idea to the final prototype. There was huge presentation of our projects to test quality of the producers and design concept. Absolutely exclusive experience that left me a lot of new expericnce and courage to learn new branches of the design – product design. Here there is a brochure about this contest.

My Role

Special thanks to:

Walter Conti


August 8, 2012