Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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My first Workshop!

Anyone who has ever planned a workshop will tell you that it's a big job. And planning a good one in 2 days? Well, that takes organisation, focus, and a lot

August’s speeding – up/down

In the Italy working year closed at August and start it’s new cycle in September. Have you ever seen country, that almost officially closed for vocation for three weeks =)

Serenity When we are talking about intelligent ecosystem for smart house and interaction experience, I would say, tiny phone screen became too small to enjoy the beauty ( probable (: ) of the interfaces without stressing yeas.

Parkey app animation Promotional motion graphic for Parkey app - smart parking service in Milan, that really save time searching the closest parking, booking entrance and as a result cut some stress from the

Never say no to panda

The adorable miniature pandas were created especially for the traveling exhibition by Paulo Grangeon. To make a World Tour of cute pandas. It's a good way to unite people around.There

The power garden

Simple and fantastic long-term interactive installation, that perform how it is important in our innovative crazy-cycle-time to bring people smoothly to feel and pet the plants! Get on touch with nature, literally! Naked Juice took

A million times Stockholm based studio Humans since 1982 will present their kinetic work "A million times" 
at Design Days Dubai / Victor Hunt Gallery. The ‘A million Times’ is a graphically conceptual, mechanical