August’s speeding – up/down
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
Chobu Station. Visual & Interaction design. Natasha Chobanu
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August’s speeding – up/down

In the Italy working year closed at August and start it’s new cycle in September. Have you ever seen country, that almost officially closed for vocation for three weeks =) ?? Looks funny, but not for Italians! I respect and love how they follow traditions and some unspoken rules – it is their beauty, their authenticity and culture. Nevertheless, at the middle of the month of August, here really is a date when almost everyone really does take the day off..

“In the simplest terms, Ferragosto is a holiday that takes place on 15th August every year in Italy. It is, in fact, probably the most popular holiday in Italy other than Christmas day. Ferragosto coincides with Assumption Day, the principal feast of the Virgin Mary, commemorating the day of the assumption of her body into heaven. Not coincidently, Ferragosto is also the modern derivative of the ancient harvest festivals that were formalised by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC under the name Feriae Augusti (Festivals of Augustus), from which its name Ferragosto is derived. During these celebrations, horse races were organised across the Roman Empire and this tradition remains alive today with the Palio of Sienna, taking place on the 16th of August. Indeed the name “Palio” comes from the pallium, a piece of cloth that was the prize given to winners of the horse races in ancient Rome.”

So we turned off for a while and I want to share what did I bring in my professional experience basket this year: mostly at THINGS and several in USA and Russia – telling that I’m smiling ablush and satisfied =).
First of all it is improved quick design thinking and new tools to find several challenges and solutions for the problem.
How to develop better concept or wider: programs, services, spaces, and systems? What is the biggest part of the whole field of any design you need to create?
Research to learn and to be inspired —> talk to people  to feel empathy and see the cuore of the project —> better focus and  try to find new perspective even unexpected to collect every details —> in little thing will be appeared important elements that will collected into ideas…
here I need to start doodling =) the way of absorbe all information and reflect it from my personal point, to let free my hands and thoughts.. I would be so happy to spend at this period more time.. but life force me to do it QUICKLY =) so lets go ahead!
At this step I would like to have some colleges around to talk with and to listen them and myself —> to define and sort the better one.. So we have an idea and let’s do our best to make it.


..after do not forget to be scaled, to have feedback and always evaluate & learn every new day experience.. this cycle of improving is never end to be fresh and beauty like after holidays in September =)

See you then!